Learn how to develop a foundational infrastructure for your relationship using our four step process.

5 min. 1 sec.

Come Together - Communication

Having an established and agreed process for communication can help reduce relationship challenges that are created when partners are not tuned into to each other.

6 min. 22 sec.

Come Together - Conflict Resolution

Every relationship has times when partners have disagreements. A conflict strategy can facilitate quickly getting grievances aired in a solution oriented rather than an accusatory way, allowing for the air to be cleared and for bliss to be restored.

11 min. 21 sec.

Come Together - Nurturing Your Relationship

A strong relationship is an asset that provides security to both parties. What are you doing to invest in it by nurturing the needs of your partner and your relationship.

5 min. 47 sec.

Come Together - Intimacy

Intimacy is an important part of every marital relationship. Learn why it’s not always about sex but it is about physical and spiritual connection.

11 min. 35 sec.