Did you ever notice that challenging circumstances in your marriage always seem to happen at your individual border and boundaries? Think of yourselves as two neighborhoods in the city of Marriage. You each have patrols which are on the lookout for threats to the rules you live under in your neighborhood. Challenges, demands, frustrations and needs coming from your partner in the other neighborhood are met with fierce resistance or represent onslaughts that are just too powerful to stand up against. So threats are defended against or they over-run you.

What’s important here is the ability of two people in a relationship to recognize this human couple dynamic enough to allow for truce opportunities where the borders of your relationship can be mutually redefined presenting the opportunity for togetherness, closeness and intimacy.

So when you meet up with each other at the border turn off that searchlight, disengage that defensive tactic and give your marriage the gift of redefinition. The window of opportunity you create may bring you both to the land of emotional intimacy that has eluded you.

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