We had an amazing conversation with Zev. That’s what couples are saying who have taken the opportunity to access Zev in real time to hone in on the current state of  their relationships. Rev with Zev is a chance couples can take to close a boring and routine chapter in their lives and open a new chapter of understanding and intimacy in their lives. According to Zev Halpern “we all have a chance to improve our relationships we just have to be willing to listen to our partners REAL needs and desires and make a choice. Continue living in what’s wrong with our relationship or consider what happened to our relationship thus far”. Armed with an understanding of where you are as a couple make considerate attempts to overcome relationship obstacles and  satisfy each other’s needs”. Rev with Zev sessions came about in an open forum answering couples questions when someone said you need to “Rev with Zev” the name stuck. It now refers to couples discussions with Zev where the attempt is made to Rev your relationship through stimulation and focused productive dialogue.

Rev with Zev sessions will help you both to take the necessary actions to soothe and satisfy each other,  placing your relationship on a new level of caring, understanding and intimacy. Isn’t that what we all really want from our relationships? Rev with Zev NOW!