Testimonials – What Clients say about Zev

Thanks for checking out peoples satisfaction with my coaching programs for couples and participants at my couples retreats. I work hard to provide customized services which result in the outcomes and benefits you’re looking for from your relationship. Scroll the banner below and watch the videos. I really love my work and look forward to helping you reach your goals for a secure and fulfilling relationship. Please send inquiries to zev@ZevHalpern.com or book a FREE Relationship Strategy Call on my calendar.

– Zev

Annette Preston

“Stimulate Your Relationship’s 3 Week Challenge Digital course was exactly what we needed as a couple to reboot our relationship.  I love how simple it was to follow the exercises which we actually found enjoyable”

Helena Smith

“I started with the Stimulate Your Relationships Come Together digital course and moved on to the Spark course. Both of them were packed with ideas for relationship enhancement and organized in a way that made them easy to implement.”

Harold Edwards

“I wasn’t excited when my wife first wanted us to take the 3 Week Challenge but after we got into it I was amazed out how much we had been missing in our relationship. Not anymore!“

Gloria Hamer

“My favorite part of the Zev’s 3 Week Challenge was sharing our “soothing statements”. I learned some things about my husband that he found hard to discuss before then.”

Sam Gould

“I never really understood how a relationship stimulation Coach could help me or my relationship. After downloading the SPARK course and listening to it myself and then with my spouse did I understand just how many opportunities we were missing in our life together. Much has changed in our relationship. Thank You Zev”

– Amy & Sheldon

“My husband and I met with Zev to work on communication and intimacy. He really gave us practical solutions and strategies to improve and stimulate our relationship. We recommend him highly!”

– Anna & Bill

“After resisting help for years, I could not be happier that my wife and I chose to sign up for virtual sessions with Zev. His down-to-earth manner and straight shooting approach is just what we needed. He has helped us see and discuss issues that were driving us apart and hurting our relationships with our children.”

– Sharon, Psychotherapist

“Zev Halpern has a gift for successfully working with couples to stimulate relationships. He is able to help each of the parties feel supported and safe while providing keen insights into their behaviors. He is a top-flight professional who is able to take on the most difficult situations and help people make change.”

– Larry & Sheryl

“I’m so glad that I found Zev Halpern. He has really helped my partner and I to examine ourselves in an open and honest way that is supportive so that we can make positive changes and heal ourselves. I have recommended Zev to my friends who are looking for an opportunity to stimulate and bring out the best in their relationships. He’s incredibly insightful, warm, focused respectful. I’ve seen three other professionals in my life and he’s by far the brightest and most helpful.”

– Mike & Rose

Zev saved our relationship! His laid back approach, his timing of questions, his understanding of each of our gripes allowed him to propose strategies and solutions that actually worked. Thank you Zev.

– Lisa & Brett

“Zev’s insight regarding our differences, whether due to upbringing, gender, or life experience, was invaluable. It is a testament to his abilities that a favorite saying in our home now is, “Zev would be so proud!” When we came to Zev, neither knew if our marriage could survive; with Zev’s patience, understanding and stimulation Coaching we not only survived, but we are thriving.”

– Michael

“Zev is a very talented coach who helps couples to stimulate their relationships and life together. He listens intently,and is quite perceptive about things that may not be obvious to couples inside their relationship. If you are going to see someone to work through relationship issues, Zev is the go-to guy.”

– Judy & David

“Both of us have greatly benefited from Zev’s skills as a Coach, individually and as a couple. His approach is thoughtful and pragmatic, and his insights are presented with compassion and good humor. With his help we have become more empathetic towards each other, and more understanding of our vulnerabilities and triggers. The tools and resources he has given us have been extremely helpful in stimulating and building a more mutually viable relationship.’

– Rona & Steve

“Our experience with Zev was great. With his professional help our communication skills have improved and we have a greater understanding and appreciation for one another. Zev has a great sense of people and the ability to quickly evaluate who is who and what is what. He is skillful at getting couples to take an honest look from the outside in, which in our case was extremely helpful.”

– Francine & Jeff

“In short, Zev helped us look below the surface of our relationship. By letting us see why we were doing the things we were doing, it gave us the power to make real changes in how we relate to each other. This, in turn, gave us the tools we need to deal with the new problems as they come up. I won’t claim things are perfect now, but the helplessness I felt in the beginning is completely gone”

– Carol & Jacob

“Zev helped my husband and I through some very challenging times. He listened to what each of had to say and was able to point out how each of us contributed to the ups and downs of our relationship. Zev also gave us ways to better communicate and stimulate our intimate relations. Over the years when our relationship needed tweaking we would go back to Zev without having to rehash all that had come before since he already knew our situation. I would recommend him to all couples that want to work on their relationship no matter how big or small the issues. He listens, he is fair and honest. Thanks Zev.”