Eps#1 Paul Nelson “A Penis Manual”

This fun episode features Zev Halpern Relationship & Intimacy Coach in an interview with Paul Nelson as he discusses the up and downs of Penises’ and what everyone needs to know about them. This will help your relationship as both men and women will gain...

EPS#3 Joan Price “Sex After Always”

Zev Halpern Relationship & Intimacy Coach interviews Joan Price a proponent and doer of sex forever……. yes really ageless sex. Young and old will benefit from this glimpse into sex after 20,30,40,50,60,70…….Forever!

EPS #4 Melanie Davis “Marriage Sex Restart”

Zev Halpern Relationship & Intimacy Coach interviews Sex Educator Melanie Davis on ways to get the sex started again in your marriage. Great Tips that will make the difference. And a great review of some sex toys that might get you or your spouse In the Mood!...

EPS#5 John & Nadya Melton Revealed

In this jam packed episode Zev Halpern, Relationship & Intimacy Coach interviews John and Nadya Melton an energetic and intimate power couple with a balanced and quality family life formula. Inspiring, funny,real and instructive.