Human touch is a powerful connection. Think back to days of infatuation and longing when the object of your desire drove you to attempt some type of physical connection. You held hands or embraced kissed and the biggest charge feeling your bodies close hungry touch.

Well what happened to all that excitement? Oh you got married and it stopped you had kids and it stopped. You fight all the time now and you’ve lost that feeling like the songs say. Well there is good news and other news. The good is you can get some of it back.The challenging news is you have to find a way to connect with touch right in the eye of the marital storm.

How do we do that Zev? Well here are two possibilities. If you really can’t muster the feeling or too mad and pissed . Just use an inexpensive plastic pronged massager and just make nice. Or as I discovered last week reach out and touch. Gfeb15 005ive a massage to your partner. Just focus on hands touching skin. I offered a massage and got an emphatic yes. As I was doing this back massage I realized how good it felt to just touch her back relieve some pain but it was the touch concentrated on Fingers hands to back. I got lost in the touch forgot about marriage tension and instead of being a caring and giving chore it turned out to be a wake-up call to me for the need for this kind of massage touch .

So whether its foreplay or just spontaneous touch there is something to get for the giver as well as the receiver. Human touch read up on it. Everybody needs it and responds to it in a special way. If your feeling pushed away you might offer a hand and what you get in return might just surprise the hell out of you.
Love those comments.

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