An often asked question by unhappy  married persons essentially asks. Is there really some marriages that are happy ones? Happy marriages occur when two people  provide for the reasonable needs of their spouse in an understanding way. They do it cause it’s a special gesture that they would not ordinarily do for others but for their spouse they are willing to take the leap. They want to fulfill a need and they want mutuality.

They encourage, appreciate, celebrate and argue but have learned  to agree to disagree a good deal of the time. They soothe, touch, hug and create an inviting space to be in not one to run away from.

Not so easy but heyheader-right-top3 some marriage s figure it out.

Some are modeled after their family non-role models and that drags your marriage down into a place that’s familiar but not what or where you want your marriage to be .

Some of marriage has to be a creation fashioned by the two of you. It comes about from a bit of conflict turned into a new mutual vision for your marriage. One that bares your marriages unique stamp on it. Not your family. Not your friends. But intimately your creation.The unique creation  that wouldn’t have happened if the two of you hadn’t crafted it into the saga of the evolution of your special marriage connection.

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