Let’s talk about self soothing and soothing our spouses for a moment. Have you ever heard anything bad about soothing. For example, ” it was just awful the way She/he soothed me. It just made me feel so damn good”. ” Honey, I wish you wouldn’t soothe me like that it make me feel so good”.. No I think we need lots of person to person soothing behavior in this world.

We live in an overcrowded digital age where we’re all wired and connected . Our responsibilities to family, work community are often set on overload and it’s just nice to get a little breathing room for ourselves. Our ability to find ways to self soothe takes on added importance against the backdrop of our busy stressful lives. We look to hobbies, physical activities, yoga massage and let’s not forget the vegetative soothing our TV’s and gaming can provide. But enough about self soothing.

We also need to find ways to soothe our spouses and partners. The ability to soothe our spouses takes effort, creativity, patience and let’s not forget sheer energy. Those of us that invest in soothing our spouses recognize the plethora of benefits that come back to us. These benefits can be a huge factor in growing and sustaining our relationships and marriages.

Isn’t this one of the reasons we entangle ourselves in relationships and marriages to begin with? We want love, warmth, empathy, validation and someone to soothe us physically and emotionally. Yes, we need lots of soothing in this world and to be sure a good place to start is our marriages.

Look around you, our world is raging with anger, cruelty, jealousy and violence. It seems to me that along with to hold and to cherish, in sickness and in health, we should add to soothe and be soothed.
Our marriages and relationships will be happier and perhaps the trickle down to our children and friends will be a positive force for our raging planet. You want to know what I’m voting for….I’m voting for global soothing. Just my two cents………. How about you ? What do you think about soothing?

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