If you’re a lucky person traveling through this life of ours, you’ve experienced what it’s like to call a person not a place home. It’s through this person that we are able to be ourselves good and not so good including looking our best and looking our worst. When we’re strong we help lift our home and when we’re weak or face the inevitable challenges of life on the planet we seek shelter at home.
There is a price to pay for having the luxury of an intimate person we call home. We have to make sure we don’t take this gift for granted. We have to be home to them as well. WE need to supply the security, warmth and other benefits that our home needs to flourish. Sounds like quite a deep commitment we have to enter into to have a home.
When we spend the necessary time in this life investing in our home through caring considerate overtures, we might come to realize that all the other challenges which throw us down and beat us up are small when we compare them to the luxury and quality of life our person we call home provides for us. One of our deepest flaws in this life is that we often don’t realize the gravity of this person we call home until they are no longer with us. If only I had done this or that is an exercise we need to begin and maintain while we are together.
So cherish and love your home and if your lucky enough to have that love available and returned to you then count yourself among the most fortunate of living beings on the planet. You have love and are loved.