2013-04-26 01.31.38Remember the beginning of your relationship when you fell in love with this special person who showed you so much love and attention. Where did they go? You got married and at some point you realized that all that wonderful attention and love which by the way was the reason, perhaps the clincher of why you married in the first place has left the premises or just went poof and vanished.

Remember you had found that special person who just did it for you and you looked forward to a lifetime of special attention, loving affection and intimate companionship.

This scenario happens all too often in the scheme of marital outcomes. Your left to doubt whether what you thought you had is only true in the movies under categories like everlasting love and hot sex till death do you part.

There is something not fair about the best part of what you bought into about your marriage has disappeared. This is an important discussion you need to have with your mate. What can you say and how can you say it? Here is a start for you.

When you’re in a place with no distractions and your mindset is caring not angry and judgmental ….then you can take your spouse for a visit to how you felt back when you met like the special attention and affection oh also the lusty passion and just how much you miss that part of your relationship.

You can request some “together activities” where you might find some of that ole magic that drew the two of you together in the first place. I would like to see your request granted and I am routing for you!

I have lot’s more suggestions and if you follow this link you will find a clear path to reconnecting your marriage for much more fulfillment and a loving exchange.

Warm Wishes,