If the ultimate goal of your marriage is to really feel fulfilled and connected well you’re going to have to communicate effectively and with results that bring you closer instead of pushing you apart. So where to start? Let’s think about our daily contacts morning evening weekend phone text email touch. Wherever our relationship is or isn’t is determined by the quality and tone of our contacts in all mediums . It’s the message we’re getting and sending to each other.

So when you scream you damage. All harsh screaming does is produce fear either stuck like a deer in the headlights or push us away or run as fast as you can, in the other direction. So when you have that urge to scream at your partner please recognize it truly damages your relationship and try to communicate your feeling in a less harsh tone or wait till you cool off. I know it’s difficult to hold on to your anger but you can do it…..You really can. Your relationship will be so much  better off in the long run.